Therapeutic Yoga & Private Sessions

Whether your goal is to break free of long-term pain or discomfort, to learn more about pranayama and meditation or to hone your asana technique, private sessions may be perfect for you. Click to inquire about private lessons with Catherine, catered to your specific needs.

"Therapeutic yoga improved my alignment, stability and strength after bilateral hip replacement.  It also relieved pain and improved functionality of arthritic hands and ankles.  Best of all, it has improved my confidence that I can be an active participant in a physically dynamic world."

                                                                            Karen Wilde, Tallahassee, FL  

"Catherine's gentle therapeutic yoga has helped me restore mobility in my shoulder after a decade of pain and stiffness.  I can raise my arms over my head again!"

                                                                         Jay Bagwell, Tallahassee, FL

While therapeutic yoga should not replace necessary medical care, it can relieve muscle tension and pain caused by poor posture at a desk, spinal misalignment, weakened core muscles or stress. Therapeutic yoga can also speed recovery from sport-related or accidental injury or surgery.

Call Catherine at 850-508-2182 or click "Contact Us" for a FREE assessment of your situation.

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