The Permanent and The Impermanent

I was looking around the house last night, thinking about how quickly it had gotten dirty again.  I need to clean it up for the holidays and in case we invite somebody over.

Cleanliness is a big thing in yogic theory. In the Yoga Sutras, cleanliness is listed as one of the Yamas, or ways of behavior toward others and the world around us. Patanjali, who is credited with writing the Yoga Sutras, says: "When we practice cleanliness, we realize and disconnect from the impermanent." 

So….if everything we clean, including our bodies, is impermanent, what is permanent? What's permanent is that still, loving, peaceful voice we hear from time to time deep within. It has always been there.  It will always be there. It is you at your deepest and truest level.<

So clean and make everything spiffy for the holidays. Then sit quietly, breath slowly and smoothly, shut your eyes and just be. Get to know your permanent Self. You're beautiful, peaceful and loving.

Peace be with you, always.


5 Responses to “The Permanent and The Impermanent”

  1. Carol Eidahl says:

    What practical, and inspirational, thoughts to help keep ourselves moving through the multitudinous tasks that the holiday season brings. And the cleaning is always there!

  2. Xiomara says:

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  3. Kelenna says:

    Home run! Great suglging with that answer!

  4. Kim says:

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