The Inner Compass

I was watching an IMAX movie about a Loggerhead turtle.  The photography was beautiful, of course.  And…as a water-baby myself…I loved the pictures of the ocean.  But it was a comment about halfway through the picture that struck me.  The turtle was caught in a tempest in the North Atlantic and survived without being dashed against the rocks of Nova Scotia. "The storm has thrown her off course, but she is never lost.  For she has an inner compass." Yes.  Our own storms come and go.  Some are violent tempests.  Some have more noise than electricity.  Others have endless, mind-numbing rain.  When they are over, we often find we are not quite where we were when they began. But we are never lost.  For we have an inner compass. Be still.  Go within.  Listen to your compass.  Then continue your journey.japanese stone way

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