Equanimity in the Face of All Things…..

It's been a chaotic summer, not just for me but for many of those I've spoken with.  Some say it's the result of solar energy.  Some say it's politics.  Some say something more profound is going on.  Whatever the cause, it's been trying. 

Throughout the summer I've been reminded of something Patanjali said in the Yoga Sutras.  He said there are nine ways of easing agitation in the mind.  The nine range from total surrender to a higher power, to pranayama, meditation, non-attachment, focusing on the light after sorrow, awareness of your senses, and learning from your dreams.  All of those, he considers to be optional. 

There are two ways of easing agitation that are not optional, according to Patanjali: a single one-pointed practice and compassion in the face of others' sorrows/joy in their happiness/and equanimity in the face of all things – good or bad, pleasant or unpleasant.

My practice has given me my equanimity.  I am profoundly grateful.lavastonesinforest

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