halfmoon yoga

"Catherine's gentle therapeutic yoga has helped me restore mobility in my shoulder after a decade of pain and stiffness.  I can raise my arms over my head again!"

Jay Bagwell,        Tallahassee, FL


"I have not practiced yoga for almost 25 years due to the pain and stiffness I felt from fibromyalgia, Lymes Disease and Dengue fever.  I have found that the approach taken by Catherine has eased the tension in my body, mind and spirit.  Catherine's approach is just what I needed.

Bonnie Gadless, Tallahassee, FL


"I have been practicing yoga at Halfmoon Yoga for only seven weeks, but the benefits I've gained started from the first class.  I came unexperienced in yoga, but found that it's exactly what I've been needing to help promote healing and recovery in my body and mind.  I am amazed at how Catherine's style of teaching directly and indirectly addresses each and every part of my personal journey.  Her holistic approach to body wellness focusing on deep breathing, stretching, meditating, strength, balance and inner peace is refreshing.  I'm fortunate to have stumbled upon this class, and now I'm enrolled three times a week.  I love it!!"

Crystal O'Brien, Tallahassee, FL

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