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Job responsibilities; family obligations, however joyous; the unexpected change of roles as we care for our parents; the surprising adjustments of retirement.  Finally, we reach the end of our rope physically, mentally or emotionally. That’s when yoga can help the most. At Halfmoon Yoga, we believe in bringing yoga to you, where you are today. With a welcoming community; with a sense of fun; with honest expectations; without competition; without tying yourself in knots; without trying to be perfect.  Join […]

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Heartfelt Thanks!

You make Halfmoon Yoga special!  We’ll be closed starting at 1:00 PM on Wed, Nov 22 and on Thanksgiving.  Enjoy!!!!

Surfing the Waves of Life

I read something the other day that I wanted to pass on.  The article was talking about the ups and downs of day-to-day living.  The little joys.  The BIG HONKIN’ victories.  Those quiet lulls.  The crashing lows.  The author (and I don’t remember who wrote it….so my apologies to the author in advance) likened these ebbs and flows to waves in the ocean.  After every crest there is a lull.  After every lull there is a crest.  So beautifully simple.  […]

Private Sessions

Whether your goal is to break free of long-term pain or discomfort, to learn more about pranayama and meditation or to hone your asana technique, private sessions may be perfect for you. Click to inquire about private lessons with Catherine, catered to your specific needs. “Catherine’s yoga improved my alignment, stability and strength after bilateral hip replacement.  It also relieved pain and improved functionality of arthritic hands and ankles.  Best of all, it has improved my confidence that I can […]

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