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Job responsibilities; family obligations, however joyous; the unexpected change of roles as we care for our parents; the surprising adjustments of retirement.  Finally, we reach the end of our rope physically, mentally or emotionally. That’s when yoga can help the most. At Halfmoon Yoga, we believe in bringing yoga to you, where you are today. With a welcoming community; with a sense of fun; with honest expectations; without competition; without tying yourself in knots; without trying to be perfect.  Join […]

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Welcome to Halfmoon Yoga!  We’re so glad you’ve found us. If you’re like so many of us, you are either whole-heartedly or half-heartedly determined to do something about your health as we move into autumn.   Let us make it easy on you.  Yoga at Halfmoon Yoga, while not necessarily easy, is always accessible to you…whether you’re nursing an old injury, a newbie to yoga, a lapsed practitioner or a person with a dedicated personal practice.  Join us!!!! Our regular schedule […]


Reflect the Light

On Christmas morning I watched the sun rise across a tidal pool.  A light breeze created little ripples which, individually, danced in reflection.  They blinked on and off.  Each a little star on the lake surface.  The light of each coming from something far brighter, far larger.  Each shined briefly, then was gone.  But the combined light of all of the little reflections transformed the dark lake to brightness. So it is with each of us.  We can reflect that […]


200 and 300 Hour Yoga Training

Halfmoon Yoga’s next 300 hour Therapeutic Yoga Training starts in January 2016!  Join us to learn more about therapeutic applications of yoga, anatomy (both western and traditional Indian subtle anatomy), asana technique and theory as well as adaptations for special populations, fundamentals of ayurveda, course planning, pranayama, meditation, the bandhas, yogic philosophy and ethics, the history of yoga, the business of yoga (including legal and marketing issues) and more. Ongoing mentoring and support – through your training and afterward.  Classes […]

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